Press Release: Keeping Communities Connected During COVID-19

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As this pandemic grows and life becomes more quarantined, my team & I wanted to share our deepest wishes and hopes that everyone is staying healthy, sane, and focused. While most people may recognize our company (Seam Social Labs) or product (Synergize Insights) as a real estate tech initiative, our work started in the civic space. Check out our company launch video from 2018 below.

In February, my co-founder and I started to think hard and long about our mission (empower disinvested communities) and concluded to focus our efforts in the civic tech space where we started and focus on personalized engagement & qualitative data. We began to hone in my co-founder’s tech skills and my academic research on #theCivicGap.

Before we could get a full grasp on this reset, the coronavirus hit full force and began to deeply impact the city in which we were founded, New York City. Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced so many shifts, and honestly we have yet to feel the full social or economic impact of COVID-19. We took a few days to think about what we can offer to provide more support during this time. We realized that our best offer for support is our tool — an SMS survey (screenshot below) that can reach communities who do not have WiFi to connect. 

Screenshot of Synergize Insights SMS Tool

As a response to COVID-19, we are now offering our tool completely free of charge for the public sector to engage your communities. If you need a tool to do any of the following or know of an organization that needs support in these areas, sign up here immediately so our team can support you ASAP. Use our tool to:

  • to connect with communities without WiFi,
  • to engage your constituents about socio-economic policy,
  • to survey the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, finances, etc.

We have already signed up local food pantries and volunteer services. We started this business because we truly believe in empowering communities, and there is no time like now to use technology to do just that. Let’s keep communities connected!

If you are in the private sector and need this tool for community support or engagement, please email me.

Want to see our product in action?

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