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Thought leadership on public co-design, civic engagement, and equitable communities from the leadership team of Synergize Insights.

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Press Release: Keeping Communities Connected During COVID-19

As this pandemic grows and life becomes more quarantined, my team & I wanted to share our deepest wishes and hopes that everyone is staying healthy, sane, and focused. While most people may recognize our company (Seam Social Labs) or product (Synergize Insights) as a real estate tech initiative, our work started in the civic

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How to get 8x the responses for your next survey

Picture this: you are getting ready to complete a research study. You have spent weeks debating questions for your survey with colleagues. You finally nailed the perfect questions. You planned how you will distribute your survey —and have an email campaign setup. You are looking for 250 survey responses within the next two weeks.  Your

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Free Tools to Digitize your Community Planning

Across the world and nation, public gatherings are getting canceled due to the exponential spread of the coronavirus. With the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a pandemic last week, we can’t help but think of all the community engagement gatherings that have been postponed or canceled until further notice. These meetings are critical to communities,

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Community Health

What Cities Have Lost: $1B Impact of Coronavirus

Editor’s Note: With the exponential growth of COVID-19 we understand losses may presently be in the trillions for cities and changes daily. This analysis looks at four events in four cities to begin to understand the impact of these losses in relation to their 2020 plans for social policy. 2020 is going to be a

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