Our CivicTech Solution

Our solution is based on a model for co-design and engagement. As a public interest technology, our tool can be used to launch surveys, collect data on program impact, measure social impact, or engage communities during complex civic planning processes. Use our tool as one part of your outreach plan in order to empower people who cannot attend public meetings, have limited access to WiFi, or want a new method of engagement to connect with their community.

Co-designed SMS Surveys

Our qualitative research scientists schedules time to discuss your use case and understand survey questions that would be ideal. These questions are reviewed with community stakeholders.

Your final 7-question* survey is designed and we deliver a unique phone number so you can begin an outreach campaign to get respondents.

Collection of Valuble Insights

Every response is added to our database so your are building a unique dataset based on your questions. We host your data and provide you with access to raw data by request. 

Weekly Insights Reports

Reports are delivered to your and your team’s inbox which includes the number of respondents, their responses, and unique insights from our team of qualitative research scientists.

Open Data Portal

All data is built into an open portal giving access to your community, local organizations, and city agencies who can utilize raw data in order to transform policy, programs, and community planning initiatives to better suit the needs of residents.

Synergize Insights is a product developed by Seam Social Labs, Inc. Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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