Can an online platform really help with community engagement?
Yes. Data is often used in different industries to gain insights and help build strategy. Similar to data analytics for marketing, the data on Synergize Insights can help your firm design community engagement strategies during the pre-development phase to further support your work and the community. Our product falls in the real estate technology field which is fastly emerging and evolving to provide centralized data for real estate professionals. Similar to most real estate technology companies, Synergize Insights is designed to make your business more efficient, impactful, and productive.

How does this help with the ULURP process?
When the ULURP process begins, your team has less than a year to engage with the community board. With Synergize Insights, you can download reports while filing your paperwork with NYC Department of Planning to prepare far in advance for the process by getting data on community socio-economic needs and the goals of the community representatives. There is presently no other tool on the market to guide the ULURP process. In addition, our data represents a sample size of the community to ensure your strategy can go beyond the insights of a community board to represent the overall community. Learn more about the city’s planning process and ULURP here.

When will this platform launch?
Synergize Insights is launching in BETA on November 25, 2019 and expect a full release launch in 2020. Sign up for our BETA launch here.

How much does this platform cost?
Synergize Insights BETA has tiered prices starting at $899 per quarter. This fee gives your team access to data from one site (region), insights, reports, and developer actions happening within the market to give you a direct pulse on the area you scouting or developing in.

Can I use this to find opportunity zones?
Yes, Synergize Insights includes data on opportunity zones. We also understand the growing need for funds and developers to design social impact frameworks and reporting systems. Our platform also provides a framework based on our community data that allows your firm to report quarterly and annually on the impact of your opportunity zone projects. 

Why is this only available in New York City?
Presently, Synergize Insights has data for emerging sites (community districts) in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. As a NYC based company, we launched our proof of concept in our hometown with the Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Technology. We are currently collecting data on more sites in the Northeast and plan to launch those throughout 2019 and 2020. Sign up to receive announcements when we launch in new cities.

Does this just sell existing data?
No. While Synergize Insights does provide data to our end users we also provide insights to design equitable development. Our founders have developed this platform with equitable development at it’s core —from building ethical datasets to focusing on inclusive insights we are committed to change how the real estate industry develops. Learn more about our mission here.

I am a part of a community-based organization. How much will the product cost for us?
Synergize Insights is currently BETA testing with various civic and social organizations including the NAACP. If you are interested in using this platform please reach out to our team by emailing BETA@projectsynergize.com.

What data do you provide on zoning?
Synergize Insights has data sets showcasing tax credits based on community districts in New York City. This allows you to review which sites have CRA amounts, opportunity zones, and inclusionary housing credits. As we collect more data on regions outside of New York City we will add new datasets which suit those markets.

Can I schedule a demo?
Yes. Sign up for a demo here.

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