Can technology really help with community engagement?
Yes. Our founders, Tiasia O’Brien & Michelle Brown, have spent the past two years researching how civic technology tools can support all type of communities. Tiasia’s background as a social scientist was focused on understanding urban research methodologies. In addition to this skillset, she has spent her research uncovering how civic engagement can decrease the wealth gap in communities. Synergize Insights is a product that makes civic engagement more accessible by meeting people where they are and ensuring everyone can be a part of the democratic process. 

What are the surveys you design typically used for?
Our standard use cases are:

  • community development & engagement
  • economic development planning
  • city master planning
  • social policy development
  • market research & cultural competency

My community is really diverse so we need a survey in more than 1 language.
We have built our surveys in English and Spanish. We can also make more languages available upon your request.

Can I design my own survey?
We firmly believe in a process called co-design; which means we take data points from our conversation with you and actually research and engage with your local community in order to determine the best questions to ask. Co-design builds transparency and trust while reinforcing the public engagement process. 

How much does Synergize Insights cost?
Synergize Insights BETA is free, yes FREE, for the public sector.  We have an annual subscription cost for the private sector and our community outreach & marketing services.

Can I schedule a demo?
Sure. Once you click here to start an account the next step is to schedule a demo.

How is this tool different from Typeform or Google forms?
Synergize Insights is not an online form. We start our survey design process with you in order to develop a 7 questions survey that is built as a SMS chatbot. This allows you to engage the community by promoting this SMS chatbot phone number. More importantly, it gives access to the community by people to engage from anywhere. This is critical because low wealth communities need more accessible opportunities for public engagement.

How do I get people to complete the survey?
During our 4-step onboarding process, we review your outreach plans to ensure they are comprehensive enough to connect with diverse community members. If you need more support, we offer our services at-cost by providing outreach & marketing plans and on-the-ground outreach services. 

I work in the private sector and want to get a quote for using this tool.
Great! Start an account here so you can schedule a call with Tiasia. After your conversation, she will send over a proposal.

I work at a big tech company. How can this tool help my team?
Synergize Insights can provide your UX Research, Diversity & Inclusion, and Real Estate Planning team with valuable insights on communities especially during times of change. Our qualitative data can provide you with valuable outcomes that are equity-driven. 

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