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We design your surveys giving you time back to focus on your mission at hand. We focus on SMS surveys which yield 250% more responses than email and are language inclusive.

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We design outreach materials in multiple languages so you can promote your survey. We track survey responses to ensure you achieve your goal. 


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We deliver weekly reports to your inbox with data visualizations. Our product delivers deep insights on community sentiments to uncover unique data points.

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netflix $100 million investment for black communities

$100 M investment for economic opportunity I remember scrolling on Instagram last year and seeing the first ad placements for Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Campaign. As a black woman, I was moved with seeing people who looked like me at the forefront of media, owning and telling our stories.  This trend has grown popular with

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Man using a sms survey on cell phone

SMS Surveys, You Need Them

We live in a digital age. A time where large amounts of information are available at our fingertips. With a population of 328 million people, over 300 million people in the US have a mobile phone. Websites are striving hard to be mobile-friendly, so why not do the same with your survey?  SMS(Short Message Service)

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our community is committed to black lives

last week was emotional The pandemic that swept the nation and quarantined most states uncovered an even deeper systemic virus that has been woven into the fabric of America: systematic racism. While racism is not new, the fast spread of the video of George Floyd’s murder combined with the current political and social state of

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