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Synergize Insights provides real-time qualitative data and reports on economically distressed communities for municipalities, real estate firms, and community stakeholders.

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Solutions-driven for equity. Our solutions-driven platform is leading the way for equitable development and inclusive economic growth. Synergize Insights is designed with planners, developers, and communities in mind --- to empower local residents and inform your neighborhood planning strategy. Our method is proven to mutually reduce risk for firms and the local community residents. Our team's background stems from a decade of community and developer negotiations. Alpha-tested with the NYC Mayor's Office for Innovation and Technology, our product is led by a team with a combination of grassroots, academic, and engineering expertise.

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Digitizing Your Impact: Food Bank for NYC Food

Dear Food Bank Members: Thanks for sharing your time with us during the Digitizing Your Impact workshop. Access our presentation and sign up for our pilot below. Questions? Email Tiasia, our Founder and Head of Strategy –

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Building the Next Economy: ESG, Impact Investing & Listening to Communities

After decades of increasing income inequality, climate change-related threats to our environment and prioritization of shareholder profits, there is a growing call for a new economy. This next economy will prioritize environmental responsibility, equitable economic opportunity and require companies to derive profits without causing societal harm. The World Economic Forum states the need for a

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Hey Opportunity Zones, You Up?

OZ’s are now becoming trendy amongst people who may not even be interested in economic development or investment gains. From the outside, this looks like a trend that can really catch some regions up to speed, based on their needs.

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